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Transfer Solutions en ‘rapid application development’

9 januari, 2017 • Martijn Habraken

Accelerators for your web-apps, develop with the speed of light.. The OutSystems Forge is a repository of reusable application modules. When you first start working with OutSystems, the Forge can be a little bit overwhelming. At the moment the Forge contains 1137 (and growing every day) applications and modules. This blog will shine some light

2 januari, 2017 • Martijn Habraken

Last couple of months I had the pleasure to introduce several of our customers to the OutSystems Platform [1]. OutSystems provides a low-code rapid application development and delivery platform that enables seamless integration of custom code. It combines speed with custom coding for the best of both worlds. Often there is a big question mark

31 augustus, 2016 • Transfer Solutions

NextStep Benelux 2016  NextStep Benelux is the OutSystems annual conference for the region. During the event you’ll hear about how you can experience freedom with a bold new approach to rapidly create powerful interactive mobile applications. Amazing new OutSystems features will be unveiled. You will be able to learn from OutSystems customers who’ll share their

27 juli, 2016 • Transfer Solutions

Dat Eneco gaat voor duurzaam is ons allemaal bekend. Een noodzakelijke voorwaarde hiervoor is dat de energieleverancier constant innoveert. Om dit ook in de toekomst te blijven doen, werd het tijd om het Oracle-systeem te updaten. Zowel Eneco als Transfer Solutions kwamen, onafhankelijk van elkaar, tot de conclusie dat OutSystems hier een goed middel voor

19 juli, 2016 • Jacob Beeuwkes

Enterprise IT teams are faced with a predicament. They’ve been challenged to create beautiful, highly-functional applications for front-end use, and they’re on a very tight timeline. The customer journey has changed – it’s turned digital and it’s faster than ever. Customers are demanding that enterprises keep up. How can IT be expected to deliver? This

10 augustus, 2015 • Transfer Solutions

OutSystems. Whether it’s advice on IT architecture, designing, building, testing and implementing a new application, monitoring business-critical applications or sharing what we know about technology, we’re happy to help. We see everything as a challenge and nothing as too much of a question. And because we are always aware of the latest possibilities and updates,

24 april, 2015 • Transfer Solutions

Jacob Beeuwkes is Manager Technologie & Innovatie. Jacob adviseert organisaties bij de inzet van de juiste technologie voor digitale transformatie. Hij heeft brede kennis van technologische mogelijkheden maar weet ook goed voor welke bedrijfskundige uitdagingen de business kan staan. Jacob haalt er dan ook zijn dagelijkse motivatie uit om mens, organisatie en technologie succesvol met