SVB-BGT Maps The Netherlands with Topographical Accuracy
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SVB-BGT Selects Oracle as Technology of Choice for Managing Nationwide Base Mapping 

Without Oracle Cloud’s hybrid offering it would be impossible to monitor and modify the topographical data points. We now have first rate performance from Oracle Database 12c, with no latency issues—which is vital considering our business intelligence requirements and the thousands of mutations processed daily.

Jan Bruijn, Director, SVB-BGT

SVB-BGT was established in 2016 to centralize all topographical base data in The Netherlands, including buildings, roads, railroads, airports, waterways, agricultural areas, forests, and administrative boundaries. It merged the overlapping and heterogeneous data sets of seven large topographical data source holders to create one single dataset—the Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie (Large-Scale Topography Base Register)—covering the entire country for use at scales of 1:500 to 1:5000.

To ensure continuous updates and availability of the Large-Scale Topography Base Register, SVB-BGT needed a solution for converting fixed data points into geographic information system (GIS) format to allow for checking, correction, and distribution to 426 affiliated source holders—provinces, municipalities, water boards, railway infrastructure, road agencies, and others.


  • Establish a single, topologically correct data set for large scale mapping, available nationwide with millimeter accuracy covering 100 million objects for frequent re-use and continuous updates
  • Provide government agencies and 426 subscribing bodies with one source of the truth for accurate mappings of buildings, roads, railroads, waterways, agricultural areas, and forests, on a scale from 1:500 to 1:5000
  • Empower users to constantly check and correct a point/coordinate-based central database of one billion topography-related records residing in a private cloud
  • Apply thousands of mapping mutations daily while ensuring constant availability of an updated central database for legal authorities and subscribing source holders
  • Calculate and apply fixes for locations where gaps or overlaps in map data from different sources do not match up
  • Harmonize different data sources, storage formats, object types, definitions, and quality standards into one single ‘skin of the earth’ dataset


  • Created one single dataset using Oracle Database 12c to integrate and harmonize disparate data sources, storage formats, object types, definitions, and standards—allowing stakeholders countrywide to produce accurate topographical maps of The Netherlands in real time
  • Implemented Oracle Spatial and Graph for analyzing, visualizing, and correcting geospatial patterns and eliminating gaps or overlaps in topographical source data, enabling SVB-BGT to verify daily map data changes and modify existing map data
  • Executed Oracle Public Cloud for presenting point/coordinate data in a GIS readable format, facilitating the application of thousands of daily fixes and allowing for corrected base data to be sent back to the Oracle Private Cloud database and on to the Dutch land register and source holders
  • Took advantage of the enhanced performance of Oracle Spatial Vector Acceleration for fast execution of spatial operations including rapid calculation and application of fixes for locations where map data from different sources fails to match up
  • Provided 2,000 geo-specialist users with a highly available and scalable hybrid cloud environment for processing nationwide spatial data covering buildings, roads, railroads, waterways, agricultural lands, forests, and boundaries
  • Reduced the costs of database provisioning and data security by using Oracle Database 12c for access to fast, reliable, and scalable technology in a cost-effective and flexible hybrid cloud environment
  • Deployed Oracle Partitioning to improve the performance, manageability, and availability of 100 million logical objects contained in the central topographical database and Oracle Application Express for rapid web application development
  • Complied with legal requisite to deliver a topologically correct dataset and history of changes for frequent re-use by the affiliate source data providers including the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Defense
  • Equipped The Netherlands with the most detailed, real-time, and large-scale digital map resource in its history.


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