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Webinar: Real World Low-Code

See It in Action Fast – 5 Demos – 29 Minutes Each

Let’s get real about what you can do with low-code. In this 5-part series, the OutSystems talented Solution Architect team will be showcasing real-world examples of the power of OutSystems.

Are you ready?

Session 1 – Monday, February 18
How to Create Amazing UX/UI with Low-Code
Whether you are a UX/UI expert building complex UIs or a developer on a low-code team starting your first design project, OutSystems UI gives you the building blocks to deliver amazing experiences. Join this session to see how this fully responsive framework of UI components for mobile and web works.

Session 2 – Tuesday, February 19
How to Build and Use APIs with Low-Code
No application lives in isolation. Modern applications need to integrate with external systems and make capabilities available to other systems. Join this session to learn how to consume and expose APIs that can be reused throughout your web and mobile applications.

Session 3 – Wednesday, February 20
Can Low-Code Handle Workflow and Complex Logic?…You Bet
Along with the visual point-and-click model for development, OutSystems has all the fundamental constructs to create complex logic and process flows. Join this session to learn how to build workflows in your OutSystems apps.

Session 4 – Thursday, February 21
How to Architect for Reuse in OutSystems

Everyone knows code reuse is the key to a well-architected portfolio of applications. This session shows how you can discover, reuse, and share UI, data, and logic in OutSystems.

Session 5 – Friday, February 22
How to Do DevOps with OutSystems
DevOps is an important element of the development lifecycle. OutSystems gives you the flexibility to integrate with your existing toolchain while also harnessing the built-in capabilities of the platform. Join this session to learn more about the OutSystems DevOps capabilities.


  • Mike Josephson
    Solution Architect, OutSystems
  • Matt Hartley
    Solution Architect, OutSystems
  • Keith Murphy
    Solution Architect, OutSystems


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