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Mobile for OutSystems Developers Boot Camp 14-09-20

Expressly for those who are experienced with previous versions of OutSystems, this 3-day course focuses on the new mobile application development capabilities in OutSystems, This boot camp emphasizes “thinking mobility,” and then shows you how OutSystems 11 enables rapid app development and even how to get your apps published in the app stores. You’ll learn how to create amazing user interfaces with updated Silk patterns, how to design for offline with advanced interaction patterns, and how to build and use plugins that can access the device’s sensors and native capabilities. You’ll also see how easy it is to test apps by building the native mobile application package and installing it on the device!

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to develop amazing mobile applications with OutSystems
  • Develop a mobile application using new OutSystems 11 tools
  • Focus on mobile app development best practices while building an app.

What will you learn?
Mobile application development with the OutSystems. Assisted by a series of discussions, guided instructions and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to build mobile applications by actually developing one from scratch.

Who should attend?
Developers who are experienced with OutSystems and want to learn about mobile application development in OutSystems. Architects who need to better understand how OutSystems delivers mobile applications. Project managers who will be leading an OutSystems mobile development project.

€ 1,770

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Stationsweg 19, Leerdam, the Netherlands

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4 augustus 2021 • Mariette van Pinxteren

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